About Us

Our passion is working and playing in the outdoors. Given a choice you will find us spending our days on horseback, fishing or hunting. The animals that we love transport us to remote places away from congestion. They carry us deep into the wilderness where you will find us exploring new places, fishing in glacial lakes or just plain relaxing. Our love for the outdoors is not constrained by geography. We enjoy all of this planet that God created. When we’re not high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains you might find us deep sea fishing, scuba diving, or sailing somewhere on the planet’s vast oceans. During the winter months you will find us continuing to enjoy the mountains either skiing or snowboarding at one of the nearby resorts or in the backcountry.

Our second love is sharing this lifestyle with each of you, our guests. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing that ah-ha moment when someone crests a ridge and looks beyond for the first time. Teaching the kids to light a fire or bait a hook never ceases to bring back memories of our own childhoods.