Jackie Dair


Jackie Dair is a student at The Humboldt State University. Her major is biology while considering vet school in the future. Jackie is also an active member of the California Yacht Club Junior Race Team, with whom she trains, competes and travels with regionally and nationally.

Jackie’s fondness of animals and activity is evident in her everyday life at home. She has adopted the family Labrador “ KONA” as her own. Cleaning, feeding and walking him, are part of her everyday life. She likes big dogs too, and can often be seen walking on the beach with “TYCHE,” the family malamute. She has always expressed a desire to ride and her mom says it would be no surprise to find a horse in the backyard….if the neighborhood allowed it.

Jackie has enjoyed occasional “horse” opportunities throughout her life. Her biggest opportunity came along in 2011, at the age of 16, when she could legally work! Desiring her first car, she was looking for a summer job and was fortunate to land a position wrangling for Mega Mountain Magic. After a fun and rewarding experience in Colorado, Jackie was able to get her first car…with a little help from the home front. This summer Jackie is planning on working once again in Colorado, and commuting to compete at regattas in California and Minnesota.