Rustler on Cowboy

Tom Burch

Tom often says that he was riding horses before he was born, his mom was not one to give something up just because of a little thing called pregnancy. Except for a short period when Tom was in school he has spent his entire life around horses and livestock. As a pre-teen he exercised barrel racing horses and dreamt of being a jockey. After graduate school he raced sailboats professionally for awhile and then found himself once again in the mountains and in the cattle business.

Since the cattle were moved to New Mexico’s milder climate to graze all winter Tom was able to stay in the mountains he enjoyed and teach skiing. People were always amazed too find out that he spent more time on skis than horseback. Even as a boy he spent the majority of his free time playing in the mountains hunting, fishing and camping in the Weeminuche Wilderness or the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado. Whenever you happen to see Tom at least one of the dogs will be nearby, and probably a horse too.

Tom purchased Mega Mountain Magic from Jake and Anita in 2011so that he could share his passion and skills with others. It is his goal, and therefore the goal of everyone involved, to always exceed the guest’s expectations.