Halfmoon Packing & Outfitting offers overnight and multi night camping trips in the Holy Cross Wilderness and Buffalo Peaks Wilderness areas. These wilderness areas are designated by Congress and limited to foot and horseback travel, no motor vehicles or bicycles to contend with here. Trips can be tailored to your desires focusing on your choice of riding, wildlife viewing, photography or fishing in Colorado.


On an overnight Camping Trip your Pack Train will leave a 19th century mining road behind and wind its way up West Tennessee Creek. Upon entering the Holy Cross Wilderness you will find camp awaiting your arrival. The camp consists of two large sleeping tents and a covered outdoor kitchen. These trips can be for one night or several.


There is nothing as peaceful and relaxing as fishing in a high alpine lake or stream. Situated above 11,000 feet in the Holy Cross Wilderness the air is still and quiet except for the gurgling of the creek and the plop when your line hits the surface. Squinting through the sun in your eyes and the glare coming off the water you see the line becoming taunt an instant before you feel it. That brookie took the bait! He’s small but feisty, the perfect size for a light dinner after being stuffed and cooked in the coals of an open fire.


Spend several days near timberline and photograph nature at its finest. You can choose from all nature has to offer. We will tailor a trip to your want, be it wildlife photography, wild flowers or rugged alpine cliffs and tundra. Certain areas are known for large elk herds others for abundant wild flowers; while still others offer spectacular views of rocky cliffs and breathtaking mountain vistas.