Horse Camping Trips

Halfmoon Packing & Outfitting offers overnight and multi night camping tripimg_8999s in the Holy Cross Wilderness  and Buffalo Peaks Wilderness areas. These wilderness areas are designated by Congress and limited to foot and horseback travel, no motor vehicles or bicycles to contend with here. Trips can be tailored to your desires focusing on your choice of  riding, wildlife viewing, photography or fishing in Colorado.

We offer both guided and unguided trips. If you prefer to be alone in the wilderness with your better half we can take you in an leave you in a fully prepared camp. It would be your own furnished two room (tent) apartment in the woods.

In 2013, at a clients request we received a special use permit from the USFS for a two week trip on the Colorado Trail. We rode from Tennessee Pass to Silverton averaging 18 miles per day while feasting on steaks, swordfish and salmon.

Unit 49 camps 143Spring offers incredible views of new growth vegetation and snow covered peaks though the normal snow levels limit access to the higher elevations. Usually the camp is set by the end of June.  Though it is heavily booked the experience remains quite pristine.

Give us a call or send and email and we will build a trip to match your wants.