On an overnight Camping Trip your Pack Train will leave a 19th century mining road behind and wind its way up West Tennessee Creek. Upon entering the Holy Cross Wilderness you will find camp awaiting your arrival. The camp consists of two large sleeping tents and a covered outdoor kitchen. These trips can be for one night or several.

You can wander around near camp, go fishing or climb to the top of the Continental Divide while your guide unpacks the train. You will be surrounded by amazing views. Later  when you see all the stars you’ll be amazed at how close they appear.

You should arrive at 8:30 in the morning. The horses and mules will be caught and saddled. While you are being introduced to your horses  your gear will be weighed and pre-packed then loaded into the trucks and trailers . Once everything is loaded and you are comfortable with your mounts it’s off to the trail head. At the trailhead the mules will be loaded then you will climb aboard your trusty stead and its off to camp. You’ll have a great dinner before swapping stories around the campfire.

The next morning after a leisurely breakfast your guide will saddle the horses and load the mules for the return trip down the mountain or the days excursion if you have chosen to stay longer. This is a back country trip you won’t soon forget.

Minimum of 2 people per trip guided trips starting as low as $1,150 for two, $275 for each additional person per night. Extended and unguided trips are also available. So gather your friends and family and come experience the beauty of the Longs Gulch and Holy Cross Wilderness. Please call so we can custom build your ideal trip.