There is nothing as peaceful and relaxing as fishing in a high alpine lake or stream. Situated above 11,000 feet in the Holy Cross Wilderness the air is still and quiet except for the gurgling of the creek and the plop when your line hits the surface. Squinting through the sun and the glare coming off the water you see the line becoming taunt an instant before you feel it. That brookie took the bait! He’s small but fiesty, the perfect size for a light dinner after being stuffed and cooked in the coals of an open fire.

We will pack you and your provisions in to camp and leave you there as long as you like! When you’re ready we will come back and pick you up. A prepared drop camp with two wall tents for sleeping and a covered, outdoor kitchen await your arrival. Each tent is equipped with a floor, cots, pads, lanterns and a table. At 12 x 14 feet they are usually set up for two people but can easily accommodate up to 4-5. The kitchen contains a large Camp Chef stove, small Coleman stove, lantern, table, chairs, pots, pans. plates, cups and eating utensils.

We recommend you bring your own water filtration system and sleeping bags. If you prefer we can loan you a filter (with a security agreement) and rent you sleeping bags for a $10 cleaning fee. The camp is out of cell phone range. We will check with you via private channel VHF radio twice a day. A satellite phone may also be left in camp.

Please call for a custom quote.