Fishing season doesn’t end when the snow falls. Once the lakes are iced over ice fishing season begins. Your guide will provide a shelter to keep the wind off. Turquoise Lake and Twin Lakes provide some of the best ice fishing in the state. The deep water lakes provide plenty of oxygen to keep the trout active. And active trout have to eat! So help them out with a well chosen meal, ergh I mean bait.

When the lakes are partially frozen fish hang out along the edge of the ice so jump in one of our boats and go get ’em. You can also try our guided and affordable Colorado hunting trips.

All day trips start at $450 for two people, $50 per additional person. We provide fishing equipment, shelters, lunch and beverages. Please call us to schedule this trip.  Half day trips are $350 for 2 people. There is a $100 trophy for lake trout.