Moose Hunt

Colorado moose hunting

Moose hunts use weighted preference points.  Per the Colorado big game brochure after receiving 3 preference points you will receive a weighted preference.  Weighted preference is calculated by converting your application number into a different, random application number, then dividing that new application number by the number of weighted points you have, plus one. Individuals with three preference points and no weighted preference will have their application number divided by one. This generates another new application number. Applications are sorted by this new number from lowest to highest, and low numbers for each hunt code are awarded licenses.

Moose hunting seasons are shown in table 1 while the number of tags available in each unit is shown in table 2.

Muzzle Loading
2019 Moose Dates
Opening Closing
September 7 September 29
September 14 September 22
October 1 October 14