Game Management Unit 45

Game Management Unit 45 is a draw unit for 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons, Preference points are required for archery, muzzle loading, first and fourth rifle seasons. Points needed for the last few years are on our species pages. Clicking on the image below will open the full size map in a  new window.

game management units 45 map Colorado

The area is  located south of Vail Colorado. It is officially described as the area bounded on North by the Eagle River from East Lake Creek to Dowd Junction then I-70 from Dowd Junction to the Eagle River-Tenmile Creek divide; on East by Eagle River-Tenmile Creek divide; on south by teh Continental Divide; on West by the divide between the Chance Creek-North Fork Fryingpan-Cunningham Creek drainages and the Cross Creek-Homestake Creek drainages, and East Lake Creek.

Simply put we hunt south of Minturn to the Continental Divide at Tennessee Pass. We have camps  locate along Homestake Rd. No Name Rd and occasionally in areas around Camp Hale.