We offer a premium elk hunting experience in Game Management Units 45, 48 and 49. While GMU 45 is an over the counter unit GMU’s 48 and 49 are draw units. The table below shows the season dates and preference point requirements for a Colorado Non Resident bull tags for the 2018-20 hunts.

Come hunt with us in GMU 45 while you accumulate points. Get to know us, and let us get to know you. Then when you draw for a chance at one of the 320+ scoring bulls in GMU 48 or 49 we will make the hunt an experience of a lifetime. Muzzle loading and first rifle are state wide draw hunts though we have had zero point draw success in Unit 45 in the past.

2021 Elk Season Hunt Dates2020 Bull Non-Res Points2019 Bull Non-Res Points2018 Bull Non-Res Points
SeasonOpeningClosingGMU 45GMU 48GMU 49GMU 45GMU 48GMU 49GMU 45GMU 48GMU 49
ArcherySept 2Sept 30025025015
MuzzleLoaderSept 12Sept 20071207120611
First RifleOct 10Oct 14141303111311
Second RifleOct 24Nov 1 OTC 15OTC14OTC14
Third RifleNov 7Nov 13OTC 15OTC04OTC04
Fourth RifleNov 18Nov 22 015044044