Have you ever thought of taking an extended back country trip, packing with livestock, or becoming a professional guide? Our experienced packers, guides and cooks get together every June to share their knowledge. The program is not taught by one individual, instead each segment is taught by our leading staff member on that topic. In 2020 we are continuing with the weekend series format.t The topics and schedules are outlined below. Each session is limited to 6 students.

Each segment will build on the previous and cover safety, USFS and state regulations, navigation and techniques for living in the remote wilderness. Packing game requires a skill set well beyond that necessary for packing equipment and supplies. The program spends time exploring various techniques for dealing with horses and mules that run from the smell of dead game or bolt from a head with antlers.

Participants live in wall tents both on the ranch and in the wilderness. We are often asked about staying in town at a friends or in a hotel. This is not something we encourage. The Mountain Training Center relies on the total immersion approach to maximize learning and improve knowledge retention.

1May 23-24, 2020 Intro to animals and equipment
2May 30 - Jun 1, 2020Building loads and tying them on
3June 6-7, 2020Working with pack strings
4June 13-14, 2020 Camp Building
5June 20-21, 2020Packing Game